29-Day Giving Challenge


Several years ago, I read a book that opened my eyes on how much impact the act of giving could have.

29 Gifts by Cami Walker

Cami Walker was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her early thirties. She took the advice of a healer and friend of hers, and decided to give away something every day for 29 days. Cami describes her journey in her book 29 Gifts.

I was so inspired by Cami, that I decided to join her online community and I wrote down every night what I was giving away (the notes could remain private).

You don’t have to give something material each time: for example, offering your seat in a bus to someone else is also an act of giving. The important rule is that if you miss a day, you have to restart the 29 day cycle.

The exercice requires to be conscious every day of the act of giving, and writing notes helps reflect on what happened during the day.

How the giving challenge can help focus on positive thoughts

At that time, my work was quite stressful and it was challenging to commit to such project. Giving is not that time consuming, but you still need to make sure that you think about it every morning.
Day after day, the challenge became easier and Cami’s team did a great job communicating with the members.

The community website shut down for a while but this year, a new community has been created on a different platform. I haven’t tested it but the interface does not look as user friendly as the previous one. The old site also provided calendars and templates that you could download as support for your notes. The new website does not have those resources anymore.

However, you don’t need anything to start your 29-day giving challenge: only have the intention every morning to do your act of giving. And at the end of the day, write down what you did.

Focusing on positive thoughts and the joy of helping others changed my mood and how I would perceive life. I was still having the same amount of work but my thoughts changed focus and the stress level went down.

I also felt (or was more conscious) that lots of good things were happening during those 29 days. For example, one evening at a business event, there was a draw and I won the first prize! It was a $100 donation to be used on the website. How good was that?

Since then, the giving challenge never left my mind and I try to promote it when I have the occasion… such as now!

Have you ever been inspired by a book that made you sign up for a project?


  1. You should read “Ask and it is given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. You will understand why it is so important to have positive thoughts, you will also understand why you won the 100$ price ;-)

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