Soft Fluffy Feathers

Could you list the name of five people who matter to you? Once you have your list, did you have the occasion to get in touch with them lately?

If not, you still have the opportunity to let them know that you think of them. Sending them your wishes does not take that much time but showing them that you value your friendships or family is something that will last forever.

Slow down today and be present with the people who surround your life.

Merry Christmas to you!


Five minutes

To be able to spread happiness around you, you also need to treat yourself well: do something you like for five minutes every day.

To help you start, open your agenda and write down your action items for the seven coming days. If you use an electronic calendar, you can also set a reminder for each day.

After a week, review your agenda to see if you were able to achieve your goal. If not, find out why.

If you were able to do your daily activity: congratulations! Will you then be able to continue the exercise every day?