Soft Fluffy Feathers

Could you list the name of five people who matter to you? Once you have your list, did you have the occasion to get in touch with them lately?

If not, you still have the opportunity to let them know that you think of them. Sending them your wishes does not take that much time but showing them that you value your friendships or family is something that will last forever.

Slow down today and be present with the people who surround your life.

Merry Christmas to you!


Thank You


Today, the United States are celebrating Thanksgiving. I am grateful everyday to have in my life wonderful friends and family. And I will never say enough how lucky I feel.

To my dear readers: Thank You for passing by this blog. You have the power to spread happiness around you and I hope to be part of this journey with you.

Wishing you a good day!


Take the time to send real notes


Handwritten notes

Few days ago, one of my friends sent me by mail an article that she read in The New York Times. She also attached a note to the article that she cut, explaining why she thought that I would be interested in reading it. This is much more powerful than an email sent with a link to an online article.

This friend retired end of last year. She was using emails at work but since she retired, she did not feel the need to use emails as she does not have any computer or smartphone.

Taking the time to really communicate

We communicate or plan events with each other mainly by phone or sometimes by mail (she is very good in sending Thank You notes!), and it works pretty well. Each time we meet for a coffee, we would block in our agenda a date for our next meeting.

I know that some of her friends would like her to use emails but I have never felt that it was necessary. I also think that I like to keep it that way because it reminds me of how people were communicating with each other in the past and were maybe closer to each other.

Send a note to someone

It will probably take more than 5 minutes of your time, but that will make your gift even more precious: why not sending a card or a note this week to a person that you have not contacted for a while? I bet that you will feel happy when you mail your note and that you will make someone else smile!


The August Break


For the month of August, I joined a community project organized by Susannah Conway: The August Break 2014. The goal was to live the moment with creativity. During the whole month of August, we were given a prompt by email every day so that we could take pictures related to the given topic.

The project had no strict rules and all the topics were also provided in advance on Susannah’s website but to add a little bit of challenge to myself, I made a point to wait for the emails that I would receive every day around midnight to know about the theme, in order to shoot the photograph of the day.

It was not mandatory but we could also share our photographs within the group. This was a great motivation to stay on track with providing a photograph per day and to remember about looking around ourselves, even during a busy day.

Are you doing a similar project?



When we get caught into a busy life, it is easy to forget about our surrounding and the time that passes by so fast. Photography is a simple activity that helps slow down and change our mind.

Even if you feel that you don’t have the time, take few minutes today to look around you and try to take at least one photo.

What about you: what helps you slow down and seize the day?