What is your Word for 2015?


First of all, Happy New Year! May your dreams come true in 2015.

Did you set some resolutions for 2015? I haven’t.

Instead of resolutions that might last only few weeks, here is an exercise that you could do: think about your vision and intentions for 2015.

  • What would you like to achieve?
  • How would you like to feel?
  • What would you be doing in a year from now?
  • Where will you be?

Find a quiet time for you to reflect on what happened on 2014, then set your dreams for 2015. In order to make them happen, you will have to clarify where you want to go and the steps to follow.

Think of a word that would empower you and would keep you on track with your intentions. Write down your word and display it somewhere you can see it everyday to help you keep moving toward your vision. The word could be anything such as a verb (grow, shine, do, achieve, give, etc.), a noun or an adjective, as long as it helps you live a wonderful year in 2015.


Take the time to send real notes


Handwritten notes

Few days ago, one of my friends sent me by mail an article that she read in The New York Times. She also attached a note to the article that she cut, explaining why she thought that I would be interested in reading it. This is much more powerful than an email sent with a link to an online article.

This friend retired end of last year. She was using emails at work but since she retired, she did not feel the need to use emails as she does not have any computer or smartphone.

Taking the time to really communicate

We communicate or plan events with each other mainly by phone or sometimes by mail (she is very good in sending Thank You notes!), and it works pretty well. Each time we meet for a coffee, we would block in our agenda a date for our next meeting.

I know that some of her friends would like her to use emails but I have never felt that it was necessary. I also think that I like to keep it that way because it reminds me of how people were communicating with each other in the past and were maybe closer to each other.

Send a note to someone

It will probably take more than 5 minutes of your time, but that will make your gift even more precious: why not sending a card or a note this week to a person that you have not contacted for a while? I bet that you will feel happy when you mail your note and that you will make someone else smile!


I learned not long ago that adults smile on average 20 times a day versus 400 times a day for kids. Smiling has so many benefits.

Can you try to smile more than twenty times today?

I will sometimes share fun videos or images that I discover. The goal is to help your mind escape your stressful day for few seconds.

The following video shows a kid who shares his happiness after learning how to ride a bicycle. I hope that it will make you smile the way it did for me :-)

Click here to watch the video on youtube.