How to train your mind with meditation techniques in 10 minutes


If, like me, you are novice to meditation and think that you can’t stop your brain from thinking about multiple things when you try to meditate, here is a fun application I found several days ago: Headspace.

My quest to meditation

I have never done any meditation sessions in my life even though it is supposed to have lots of benefits including stress and anxiety relief, better sleep, decreased blood pressure, etc.

Several months ago, after reading articles online about how to meditate, I decided to give it a try by blocking few minutes each morning to meditate.

Unsuccessful experience

The results were not conclusive as I found myself thinking about new ideas or planning my work day. I would then tell myself “stop thinking!”, or question myself “can I stop thinking?”. I gave up after few days with the conclusion that meditation was not for me. I only learned recently that one way to avoid those thoughts to disturb your meditation is to simply recognized them by saying to yourself “I am thinking” and then focus back on your breathing.

Online solution

Several days ago, I read an article about the company Headspace that developed a simple online tool to help you meditate. My curiosity brought me to sign up for their free trial. I haven’t used their paid services so I can’t tell you about their benefits. However, the free 10-day program can already be an easy start to bring some peaceful time to your mind with the help of a voice that would tell you what to do during 10 minutes.

You can use the application online or download it to your smartphone. It is still a new experiment for me, but since then, I was able to “meditate” for a short period of time (5 minutes) by myself with just focusing on my breathing.

Let me know how you managed to meditate for the first time.